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Lou Petritz Named Market President of First Community Financial Bank in Naperville

Naperville, IL – October 11, 2013

First Community Financial Bank has named Lou Petritz, age 58, new Market President in Naperville.

“Lou is a good choice as the new president due to his level of commitment and knowledge here in the community,” said his predecessor J. Patrick Benton. “I probably met him 15 years ago when we worked on a United Way project and he is a very well connected person with an excellent commercial lending background that will help build the bank's commercial lending portfolio.”

Petritz graduated from Rockford College in 1977 and at one time considered law school as his future profession. “I did a couple internships with some attorneys and found that I didn't like it very much,” Petritz said. “I realized I had to make a living at something, so I went to school at night over the next 10 years and got my MBA from Northern Illinois. After working for a couple finance companies in Rockford, I found that I had a knack for the business.”

During the next few decades, Petritz found himself working for several institutions, including serving as the president of the Gary Wheaton Bank of Fox Valley, the First Colonial Bank of DuPage County and American Chartered Bank. “I was excited about the opportunity at First Community Financial Bank because the bank is medium-sized, independent and locally owned,” he observed. “I still feel there is a need for locally managed banks that fill a niche and serve the needs of local businesses.”

Petritz said more than half of the bank's current customers are based in Naperville and he describes the bank as being more nimble and better able to provide the personal service people are looking for.

“We absolutely know our customers and when it comes to making decisions, we can move very quickly,” he said. “When you work with some of the larger banks, customers often get lost.”

The Petritz family, which includes his wife and two children ages 20 and 17, have lived in Naperville since 1983. Petritz said he has moved a few times but likens their current location in the Saybrook subdivision to Andy Griffith's small community of Mayberry. “When we moved there, all the neighbors brought cakes and biscuits and the kids all went out to play together,” he observed. “The more you travel around the country and the world, the more you appreciate Naperville and the quality of life we enjoy here.”

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